Sunday, September 18, 2011

Franken Nail Polish and Dots

I created a very simple nail design this week. I'm still in a mood for nude polishes lately since I've frankened one, which I have blogged in my previous post. I remember when I first started painting my own nails, I always painted them with a nail polish that is similar to my skin tone. If you are still new to painting your nails you may start by using a nude nail polish and add a very easy design. One of the easiest designs you can do is to add dots, you may use tools that can be found inside your house such as toothpicks, bobby pins or even ball pens (I suggest one that has run out of ink). I've always used a toothpick when my design has dots in it.

I used the following:

Franken Nude nail polish
White Acrylic Paint
Top Coat
Dotting Tool

I'm doing simple and easy designs recently for people who would like to start doing nailart on their own using minimal tools. This design is also appropriate to wear in the office. I think brides can also wear this mani during their wedding, simple yet elegant.

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